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15 people have been confirmed dead so far following Tuesday’s terror attack at Dusit D2 hotel at 14 Riverside drive in Nairobi.

Jason Spindler CEO of I – DEV is among those who died during the attack. His family said he was a survivor of the 9-11 US attack.

The attack, which according to the police inspector general Joseph Boinet, was well coordinated, occurred around 3 pm when four armed gunmen as seen in a CCTV footage circulating online, stormed the entrance of the Dusit hotel and office complex, shooting at anyone within site including the guards manning the entrance.

The terrorists had also detonated a bomb in one of the cars parked at the parking lot before the main entrance.

The CCTV footage also shows the four gunmen split into two groups before they enter the premises in different directions.

According to witnesses, one of the terrorists reportedly blew himself at a garden restaurant in the hotel, popularly known as the secret garden, killing all the occupants.

“I work there and when we heard an explosion and a commotion, we all assumed it was a fire and started evacuating our office through the stairs near the secret garden restaurant only to hear a loud bang and then I saw body parts scattering, then we realised we were under attack and rushed back in for cover,” Alice told the Kenya Forum.

Alice hid in a closet for about two hours before she was rescued by security agencies.

According to IG Boinnet, the “coordinated” attack began with a car bombing targeting three vehicles in the I&M Bank car park, and a suicide bombing in one of the restaurants at the Dusit hotel.

By 9 pm on the night of the attack, security agencies had said they had taken control of six out of the seven floors of the building but residents within Riverside and its environ reported hearing gunshots as late as 1 am.

Police have asked civilians to stay away from the scene of a terror attack that has left at least 15 dead saying it is “under an active security operation”.

“We wish to caution all members of the public including politicians that Dusit Hotel and the area around 14 Riverside Drive is a Crime Scene that is under an active security operation,”  the National Police Service said in a tweet.

The Islamic militant group Al Shabaab has claimed it was behind the attack.


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