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September 28, 2022


From what we have seen on the actions of the President so far, he will manage and control the people of Kenya well.

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A Good Start For Ruto?

A Good Start For Ruto?

President William Ruto (Image courtesy

“I have talked to my Ministry of Agriculture and we agreed in principle that in order to boost Food Security to Akoth, Nyokabi and Nyakera, my Government has arranged for Fertilizer Subsidy to the tune of 3.5 Billion Shillings to buy 1.4 Million Bags of Fertilizer to be delivered to Eastern, Western and Rift Valley Farmers.”

True to his words, fertilizers have arrived and was flugged off by the Deputy President, Hon. Rigathi Gachagwa. Places like Bungoma, Kisii, and Nandi have acknowledged receipt of these products.

Fuel Subsidy

The President on his inaugural speech, appointed the Six Judges who were not appointed by President Uhuru Kenyatta for the last three years. The other important issue handled by the President was to suspend the Fuel Subsidy promising to replace it by negotiations for price reduction by Developed Countries such as Saudi Arabia, Ukraine among other Countries but this, unfortunately, will not go well with most of the Hustlers because what is important for Wanjiko is food on the table.

Hustlers Fund

One other important start-up by the President was mentioning the introduction of the Hustlers Fund of about 50 billion shillings to be offered to Small and Medium Based Organisations and Hustlers, although this may require the involvement of Members of Parliament. It is a good move and will be like music in the ears of benefitting groups.

Food Supplements

Although the President had started very well, one of the most desired issue is the reduction of Food Supplements with particular mention of Unga. This is the major ingredient in the diet of most Hustlers. The fact that the President had not mentioned any positive thing on this matter apart from saying that he will not approve the subsidy on maize but instead offer lower price on fertilizers may aggravate the matter and set a negative attitude on the citizens.

The International Stage

The President’s visit to United Kingdom for the burial of H.R.H. Queen Elizabeth II, was very much a Public Relations idea and it portrayed the President as a benevolent leader who after just been elected as the 5th President of the Republic of Kenya found it fit to go to the funeral of the Queen. He also proceeded to the United States for the National Conference where he made his maiden speech was acknowledged throughout the world.

The President made a passionate request to the Developed Nations and Banks to consider re-organising the debts owed by the developing nations such as Kenya and other Nations in order to help them manage their economy.

Cabinet Appointments

The next step the President can do now is to ensure that when he appoints his Cabinet Secretaries and Principal Secretaries, he must think of the face of Kenya. The President said that he will not appoint Opposition Members to his Cabinet but I hope he meant the Elected Members, not the ordinary members of the public.

From what we have seen on the actions of the President so far, he will manage and control the people of Kenya well.


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