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Five police officers, who are said to have been escorting a public bus, were killed earlier today in in Dimu, Mandera County by Al-shabaab militants.

According to the police, the militia launched a Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) in the car the officers were riding in. The five were part of a group of nine officers, who were escorting a Makkah bus.

Mandera county governor confirmed the incident and said that residents had alerted the police on the presence of the militia prior to today’s attack .

‘‘We condemn the attack by Al-Shabaab at Dimu this morning, five police officers killed. The info about their presence was long shared by our locals,” tweeted .

Last month, a leaked intelligence report revealed that about 45 al Shabaab terrorists spotted entering Kenya. According to the report, the militants entered the country through the border village of Sugrow on 29th may at around 2pm.


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