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Another setback on the digital migration
The effort by the government to effect the digital migration has hit another snug after three media houses namely; KBC, K24 and Family TV, which had adhered to the 31st December 2014 deadline issued by the Communications Authority (CAK) have reverted to analogue broadcasting transmission.

The stations had switched off their analogue transmitters in Nairobi and had begun broadcasting exclusively on the digital platform following a government directive.

However, the three major media houses in the country, KTN, NTV, CITIZEN together with QTV, instead went to court and obtained a court order, which gave them more time to continue broadcasting on analogue, a move that has ignited a storm and numerous court battles between the media houses, CAK and also Startimes and GOTv.

KTN, NTV, CITIZEN and QTV are waiting for a ruling by the Supreme Court in order to determine if they will still be allowed to broadcast on analogue platform till April. The stations are also seeking to set up their own digital infrastructure in order to continue offering free to air content.

The three media houses are also asking for more frequencies in addition to the 21 that they have been located in order to be able to adequately cover the country.


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