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David Kariuki, the immediate principal of Alliance high school sought to go on retirement at the height of a series of horrendous incidents of bullying inflicted on junior students from their seniors as exposed in a report by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

TSC’s report came about following an investigation by the commission occasioned by an unfortunate incident reported to the police by a form one student who received a thorough beating from the school prefects that left him on crutches.

According to the victim, he was beaten severely by a group of prefects using electricity cables, belts and pipes. Despite incurring severe injuries from the ordeal, which left him bleeding profusely, the administration never acted on the incident, much worse allow him to go home to seek medical attention and was only treated by the school nurse and later taken to the PCEA Kikuyu hospital for stitching.

The TSC report reveals the magnitude in the academic giant institution as the students interviewed narrated their bullying ordeals, which range from being forced to lie on graveyards, swimming on grass, beatings, denied meals among other atrocities.

Bullying, commonly known as “monolization” has been rampant in Kenyan schools and especially boy’s schools that for some time, though illegal, it had been perceived as a tradition more of a right of passage.

In March 2013, the country was shocked when a form one student in Loreto Girls High School, Kiambu revealed that she had been sexually harassed by three lesbians during her first night in the institution.

I was asleep in my bed when I felt a hand gag my mouth. I was then ordered to climb down and I obeyed in fear. It was then that the three girls started touching me all over my body and telling me how beautiful I was. One even licked my private parts,” the victim then narrated amid tears in an interview with Citizen TV.

Last year, Upperhill boys had also become a trending topic on social media following allegations of rampant cases of sodomy in the school.


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