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Dear President Kenyatta,

As you prepare for your inauguration, as Kenya’s 4th president, the Kenya Forum wishes you well and prays that you will guide our country, effectively and justly.

There is much to be done. You will of course be judged by the Kenyan election in 5 years time based on your achievements in office.

The Kenya Forum would therefore like to suggest 10 key areas of reforms and administration, that we believe you should address in your 1st term in office as our president:

  1. To prove to the country that both you and Deputy President Ruto are national leaders and not leaders of two communities. That will play a big role in national healing and uniting Kenyans.
  2. To see the implementation of the new constitution.
  3. To implement your promises to Kenyans.
  4. To put an end to the endemic corruption in the police services: without that our new constitution and Bill of Rights are worthless and justice a mirage.
  5. To continue from where president Kibaki left in terms of realising Vision 2030.
  6. To revolutionize the agriculture industry for food security especially in the arid areas
  7. To reduce the poverty levels, create more employment opportunities for the youth and give opportunities for the youth to start their own initiatives.
  8. To improve on security in the country.
  9. To improve on housing and reduce slums in the major cities.
  10. To improve on the wanting education system in the country.

Yours Truly

The Kenya Forum Team

(Kenya Forum readers are invited to add to this list.)


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