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The now infamous “killer cop” Hessy, christened “Eastland’s Robin Hood” has allegedly felled another suspected female gangster, going by the names Marsha Minaj on Facebook.

Marsha Minaj is allegedly a top ranking member of the notorious gaza gang and was a close friend of the late Clare Mwaniki alias Clea Adi Vybz, who was shot dead in Nairobi’s Kayole estate three weeks ago.

Marsha is said to be a manager of Gaza and part of a clique who have branded themselves “Warembo Sacco”, said to be a group of very notorious female gangsters.

Hessy wa Kayole”? “Hessy wa Huruma”? “Hessy wa Dandora”? or “Hessy wa Eastlando” is allegedly a “cop” who operates facebook accounts under the above usernames, where he posts details including photos of criminals and warns them to change or surrender or else die.

“#Utajua Haujui” (You will know that you know nothing) and #OperationSafishaMtaa (clean up the hood) have become Hessy’s trademark hashtags on all his posts.

He also has a page by the username “Hessy”, which by the time this article was posted had 11,258 likes.

Marsha Minaj’s case just as Clare’s was no different and prior to her death, Hessy had also warned her on his timeline.

Pretty Gangster

Described as “Nairobi’s prettiest gangster” Clare Mwaniki’s death shocked many who couldn’t believe that such a pretty girl could really be a hardcore criminal on the police’s most wanted list.

  “Too beautiful to die, but too Dangerous to live,” as one Facebook user described her.

Her husband, Mwaniki, alias ‘Mwanee’ is still on the run and according to a post on Hessy’s timeline, he is still hunting him down.

“Eastland residents as you sleep tonight remember that Hessy sees everything” Hezzy posts polite reminders, perhaps the only consolation these residents, who continue to be terrorized by the gaza gang, can cling on to.


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