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There was frenzy at the scene of the collapsed building in Huruma yesterday after the rescued team salvaged four people alive, six days after the building toppled over.

Initially, it was one pregnant woman who had been rescued and the crowd went wild in joy and celebration as the news went viral on social media.

The heavily pregnant woman was located by her rescuers around 11am but she was been tugged between thick concrete slabs and metals, they managed to pass  her oxygen while they continued efforts to extract her and three and a half hours later she was finally retrieved.

Shortly afterwards two more women and a man were rescued alive as well but unfortunately one of the women died in the ambulance on her way to the hospital apparently because the  ambulance that lacked proper life-saving equipment.

“That’s lack of professionalism… we’re very disappointed. How can we rescue a person only to lose life because of lack of oxygen facilities?” said Pius Masai of Kenya’s National Disaster Operation Centre.

Kenyans on twitter (KOT) took to the hashtag #HurumaMiracle in thanks giving and praising God for the miracle of the four lives.

Elizabeth Muthama:  There is a God who looks out for His people #HurumaMiracle

Child of God:  Only a fool says there is no God #HurumaMiracle

WairimumwangiIndeed, even when God is four days late, He is still on time #Hurumamiracle

ReinIf you want to know that God exists, just see #HurumaMiracle.

According to Pius Masai, the day they rescued six rabbits alive, he was positive that more people would be found alive.

“I told you the day we got nine rabbits alive from this place I was sure we will get more people alive,” Masai said.

The rescue of the four victims came a day after a six month old baby was also retrieved alive and uninjured five days in the rubble.

139 people have so far been rescued and officials have so far confirmed a death toll of 43 from the disaster after seven more bodies were retrieved today, but at least 70 more people are still listed missing and rescuers are now searching the filthy Nairobi river for bodies with the belief that some people might have jumped in the river in an effort to escape from the collapsed building.


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