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Even with a reformed judiciary, the Willy Mutunga led institution is still among the top list of most corrupt government departments.

According to a survey, the East Africa Bribery Index Report, released by the Transparency International, even though the police department takes the lead out of the ten most corrupt government institutions, the judiciary takes double the bribe which the police take from locals.

In the survey carried out between August 2012 and August 2013, the police department is the most corrupt (70.7 percent) followed by the judiciary (46.7 per cent) and the Lands Ministry (38.3 per cent).

The lands ministry leads in taking the highest bribe of Sh 8,949, followed closely by the judiciary (Sh 8,390) then the local councils (Sh 5,637) and the police Sh 4,411.

The East Africa Bribery Index Report also listed Uganda as top of the worst East African countries involved in bribery and corruption cases with 26.8 per cent, followed by Burundi (18.6), Tanzania (12.9), Rwanda (4.4) and Kenya (7.9).

The findings of the transparency survey new report comes shortly after a similar one by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) which had also listed the country’s security sector as top of the list of the most corrupt public institutions at the national level; with the Ministry of Defense being listed as the most corrupt department of government followed by the Kenya Police.

Most Kenyans (more than 90%) would rather not report corruption cases to respective agencies like the Ethics And Anti-Corruption Commission according to the East Africa Bribery Index Report, but judging from the findings of the survey conducted by the anti-graft commission, majority of Kenyans have no faith in the EACC due to the persistent cases of corruption in the country and lack of prosecution powers by the commission.


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