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Excerpt from the Standard newspaper

An eight year-old girl was found dead at the end of last week near Gathanji village in Nyandarua West. She had been abducted walking home from school, sexually abused, murdered and her body dumped in a bush near Kamukunji Primary School. Her parents found the body, “with blood oozing from her private parts”.

This a terrible story of an awful end to an innocent little girl’s life. The Kenya Forum also finds it shocking that reporting of this tragedy warranted only four centimeters of a single column under the ‘Briefly’ reports on page 29 of Saturday’s Standard and an equally short report on page 14 of today’s Star newspaper.

As the reporting of our politicians’ antics and empty statements continues to dominate the front pages of Kenya’s newspapers surely we, and the Kenya media, should ask ourselves whether we have our priorities right?


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