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Civil servants in Uganda will now be expected to adhere to a strict dress code, following a new directive form the ministry of public service.

For ladies short skirts or dresses above the knee, transparent blouses or dresses, shouting colours or clothes which do not cover up the cleavage and navels is a big NO while for gents, tight fitting trousers, shirts and open shoes as well will not be tolerated in the workplace.

According to Ms Adah Muwanga, the ministry’s director for human resource said the policy was arrived at following a public outcry over indecent dressing among public servants.

A circular signed by the ministry’s PS, Ms Catherine Bitarakwate Musingwiire, stipulated that all public officers are “required to dress decently; in generally acceptable standards in the Ugandan society.”

It also said that long nails and with bright nail polish will not be tolerated.

“Long nails more than three 3 centimeters with bright polished multi-coloured polished nails are not allowed in public office,” reads part of the circular which also requires that make-up should be “simple and not exaggerated.”


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