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CJ Maraga Says Executive “Frustrating” Judiciary

CJ Maraga Says Executive “Frustrating” Judiciary

Chief Justice David Maraga has decried what he calls “high level intimidation and frustration” from the executive, saying it’s crippling the operations of the Judiciary.

Maraga cited among other things, budget cuts by the Treasury, which he says have an effect on court sittings.

According to the CJ, a circular communicating budget cuts, which was shared by Treasury on September 24 has brought most court operations to a halt, the most affected being Court of Appeal sittings outside Nairobi and mobile courts which he said were designed to serve inaccessible areas.

Maraga further stated that the judiciary cannot even afford fuel for judges.

“We have a huge backlog of cases which continue to pile because of lack of funds to even move judges around. Some judges are not able to get fuel for their cars and we are having to ask them to get money from their pockets so that we can refund them.” he said.

State Functions

Maraga, who was speaking in a press conference, also  threatened to boycott State functions citing frustrations in the just concluded Mashujaa Day celebrations in Mombasa County.

The last Mashujaa Day, the CJ was allowed to walk to the dais through a sidewalk and the MC did not acknowledge his arrival despite doing it to other people,” he said.

“I’ve decided that unless I’m treated with dignity due to my office, I will choose which of those functions to attend,” Maraga further stated.


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