July 4, 2018


Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) under the hashtag #CongratulationsMheshimiwa are making a mockery of their leaders for “a job well done”

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“Congratulations Mheshimiwa” Kenyans Protest But For How Long?

“Congratulations Mheshimiwa” Kenyans Protest But For How Long?

I cannot tell if it’s the numerous corruption scandals, the high cost of living or just the heightened politicking ahead of the 2022 elections, what is certain is that Wananchi are beginning to feel the heat of bad leadership and it’s a good sign, at least for now, because Kenyans tend to forget so fast.

Today two interesting protests were launched; one is online and the other one saw some traders take to the streets in protest of a strained business environment.

Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) under the hashtag #CongratulationsMheshimiwa are making a mockery of their leaders for “a job well done” after it became evident that they are now busy campaigning for 2022 instead of working to fulfill their 2017 election pledges.

CongratulationsMheshimiwa you are among the qualified people to talk about 2022 politics. You have done everything you promised Kenyans,” as one Vincent Osiemo Keroro tweeted.

Under the #CongratulationsMheshimiwa, KOT has created a card with a photo of individual politicians, crowned with a graduation cap and besides the image is a list of all abandoned projects.

Deputy President William Ruto, Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen and  Ndindi Nyoro are among the leaders who have been exposed.

The other protest was undertaken by traders, operating in Nairobi’s downtown area. They are decrying the high cost of licenses, which they say is crippling their businesses and also delays at the port, saying they have ran out of stock.

The traders are also protesting against the influx of Chinese merchants, who they say are killing their businesses with their cheap imports and counterfeits.

They have accused the government of giving more priority to imports from the Chinese at their expense hence giving the former more mileage.

What I love about these protests is that it shows that the common Mwananchi is beginning to realize that indeed choices at the ballot, affect all of us regardless of voting for “your person”.

The only question right now is if the heat will be felt so much to a point that we won’t forget the consequences of bad leadership in the next elections and resort to the usual tribal bigotry that has characterized our politics.


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