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Cover Up Private Parts – Mount Kenya University Tells Students

Cover Up Private Parts – Mount Kenya University Tells Students

By Winnie Kabintie

The administration of Mount Kenya University (MKU) has cautioned students against dress code that “reveals their private parts” saying those who are indecently dressed will not be granted access in the institution’s premises.

According to a memo circulated to the students, ladies have been particularly warned against wearing crop tops showing their bellies; see-through tops, low cleavage attire or micro-minis among other clothing.

“Persons dressed in clothes/pants revealing private body parts will be denied access into the University premises and will be required to go back and dress decently, “reads the memo.

MKU students have also been asked not to wear hats or caps while attending lectures or addressing the lecturers or any other members of staff. The memo also states that students who do not adhere to the new dress code will be dealt with by the disciplinary committee.

Mount Kenya University now joins Daystar and Strathmore universities, in having a strict dress code for students.


The MKU dress code memo, which has elicited mixed reactions on social media, brings to memory the famous “Mutula Kilozo Miniskirts” debate.

The late Mutula Kilonzo Snr, during his tenure as Minister for Education, made headlines when he took an unexpected stand in a debate regarding the length of skirts girls in secondary schools should don.

This was in 2012 when students of Ruathia Girls in Murang’a went on strike in protest of long skirts that the administration was imposing on them.

“Why should you dress a school girl like a nun?” the charismatic minister posed during a press conference while demonstrating one of the skirts that had triggered the protest. The phrase earned him his share of bashing especially from the clergy, who demanded an apology from the minister, alleging that his statement was degrading the nuns.


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