August 15, 2013


Crime rates fall in annual Police Report. We give you a break down of the report, including which areas had most crime.

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Crime rates fall in annual Police Report

Crime rates fall in annual Police Report

The rate of crime incidents have decreased by ten percent in Kenya as compared to last year, says a report by the Kenya police. According to the statistics, there were 30,285 crimes that were reported between January and May as compared to the 33,538 that occurred in the same period in 2012 and 31,055 in the previous year.

The statistics showed that despite an increase in the robbery and homicide cases reported, there was a decrease in economic crimes, stealing, dangerous drugs, vehicle and other theft, criminal damage and theft by servant.


Between January and May, Rift Valley reported the highest number of cases recording 7,598 crimes with Western province recording 2,923 crimes. Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo said in a statement that these crimes were committed by organized gangs and cattle rustlers and that proliferation of small arms and light weapons and urbanization exaggerated the occurrence of these crimes. “We have embarked on various strategies to address the problem which include prosecution of offenders and increased patrols,” he stated.


Quite recently, Mombasa County bought 20 Toyota saloon cars fitted with cameras and hi-tech police communication gadgets. The initiative was spear-headed by Mombasa governor Hassan Joho making Mombasa the first county to buy cars for the police, six vehicles being already in the town at a cost of about Kshs 2.6 million each.


Crime is a major factor that has affected the economic growth of the country at large. Terrorism both foreign and domestic, homicides and robbery have plagued parts of North Eastern province, Nairobi and Mombasa and it is expected to increase if more efforts are not applied by the police force and citizens at large.


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