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DNA Results In Government Chemist to Take Shorter Time

DNA Results In Government Chemist to Take Shorter Time

DNA results in government chemists will take now take a shorter time following the acquisition of new hi-tech machines that will enhance the analysis of samples collected from various scenes.

The new DNA machines,  acquired at Sh40 million, are the first genetic analysers designed with a specific feature set and workflow for the Human Identification application. This means they can now conduct DNA analysis within a short period of time.

According to the government Chemist Ali Gakweli, the 3500 Series Genetic Analysers that have been installed in Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa offices can analyse many stains within a short time and will also help in solving some murder and rape cases that still remain unresolved because of lack of capacity.

“The new machine can handle 24 stains within 45 minutes and this means the output is enhanced,” said Gakweli.

According to Gakweli, the older machines could handle 16 stains in a similar time.

The government Chemist also said that they will handle both public and private DNA analysis.

“We handle both public and private cases. Let those intending to conduct DNA tests come to us now,” he said.


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