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June 5, 2024


Little will stop President Ruto from transcending to his second tenure as the President of Kenya come 2027.

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H.E. President William Ruto marches on

H.E. President William Ruto marches on

The Kenya Forum likes to reflect all shades of opinion. Here, Rieko Mwenyewe gives his personal take on the successes, or otherwise, of President Ruto’s time in the highest office of state…

The temperament of H.E. President William Ruto as seen in recent past indicates a President who is hell bent on taking the role of managing all affairs of the Republic of Kenya and taking matters in his own hands.

Cabinet Secretary duties

The President took it upon himself to take the role of Cabinet Secretary (CS) for Education in contradicting the CS Bwana Ezekiel Machogu by suspending the opening of Schools which should be the responsibility of the Cabinet Secretary.

Not long after that the President ordered the creation of a holiday on 10th May 2024, ostensibly to remember the people affected by the floods raging across the country. It should be remembered however, that the duty of creating holidays in Kenya, according to Constitution of Kenya Act 2010, confers the declaration of public holidays to the CS for Internal Affairs, in this case Professor Kithure Kindiki. To add injury to injustice there should be a notice of not less than seven days.

The President also set up an amount of a meagre 10,000 Kenya Shillings to be given to the people affected by, even swept away by the rampaging floods, which is just a drop in the ocean.

In the case of Doctors Strike and more particularly on interns issue, the President insisted that the Government cannot pay them more than 70,000 Kenya Shillings which is the prerogative of the Salaries Remuneration Commission. Disregarding the labour laws makes it difficult to reach a meaningful and fair decision on Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Workers Unions and the Employer.

The good actions of the President

Since taking over the Government of Kenya in September 2022, President William Ruto has initiated a lot of good things for Kenya. Top of these is his Globe Trotting to many countries for the benefit of our country, creating employment for young people, signing bilateral business opportunities and putting in place measures to improve the economy of Kenya.

The side effects of the President’s actions

The only apparent side effects of the President’s actions is the many promises he normally announces are not likely to be achieved in the very near future. The President also removed the subsidies which were beneficial to the nation. The President also supported many taxes which are making the means of living very hard for Kenyans.

Support for Raila Odinga

Perhaps the most noble act President William Ruto did was to propose the nomination of former Prime Minister Raila Amolo Odinga to the position of Africa Union Commission Chairman. Knowing how frosty the relationship has often been between  Raila Odinga and President William Ruto, no one expected the President to support such a move let alone having cordial talks with Odinga.

The forward movement of President William Ruto

Going by the salient activities of President William Arap Ruto and the ambitious promises he has proffered to Kenyans, if most of them are fulfilled, little will stop him from transcending to his second tenure as the President of Kenya come 2027.


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