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June 22, 2012


Many of our readers will be dismayed to read about the internal mechanics of Nairobi City Council. The NCC is hopelessly organised.

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How Nairobi City Council really works

How Nairobi City Council really works

Many Kenya Forum readers have asked if we know how the Nairobi City Council really works. Today, the Forum can reveal all about the structure of the NCC.

How does the Nairobi City Council really work?

The NCC is an administration that cannot pay its debts (e.g., last year’s Sh5 billion loan from Equity Bank); cannot pay its workers on time (including its thousands of ‘ghost workers’). What’s more, 92 per cent of Nairobi City Council’s staff have been declared ‘incompetent’; it hasn’t had its accounts audited since 2000-2001 (we wonder why?); and the previous City Clerk, Mr Philip Kisia, is now running for Governor of Nairobi because he says his experience at the NCC (i.e., the man responsible for much of the above) has fitted him for higher office!

So here it is: a simple moving diagram that explains everything. Do pass it on to your friends. The Kenya Forum understands that most government departments in Kenya, many NGOs, and of course UN bodies, are based on the same management structure!


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