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Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has done what he does best again; making despicable inciting utterances .

The controversial MP, who’s been in and out of court for similar offences in the recent past, called on members of constituents to chop those who are opposed to the National Youth Service (NYS).

“Kwa hii serikal yote, Hakuna mtu hakuwa rafiki yangu toka zamani/In the whole government, there was no one who was not my friend from way back and there is no office I walk into and am locked out,”.

“Hapa Gatundu, ni militia yangu, nimewapatia mapanga, kata mtu kama utakata staki ujinga /Here in Gatundu, this is my militia, I have given you pangas, slash anyone you want to,” said Kuria, who was addressing a crowd in his mother tongue.

Video footage of the gathering Kuria was addressing show sections of the crowd holding pangas.

Kenyans have been outraged by Kuria’s reckless remarks, which could stir violence in the country and are calling for his prosecution.


Through the hashtag #KillMosesKuria, Kenyans on Twitter (KOT), who seem to have given up on any hopes of the law ever taming Moses Kuria, have strongly condemned the MP for the remarks and would rather have him done away with once and for all.

They have also called on President Uhuru Kenyatta to deal with the Moses Kuria issue; with the same stamina he’s been handling the Waiguru NYS saga.

Nairobi Today: he can’t change even if jailed. Kill him and save lives. #KillMosesKuria

Evans Maswali: #KillMosesKuria For peace and prosperity Moses Kuria must be killed.

The Jubilee Government has been assassinating Radical clerics inciting youths but can’t deal with Moses Kuria.

Musy carlos: Yes Kenya is under siege from insolent Should we just #KillMosesKuria??

Ohaga Ohaga: There’s nothing really wrong with #KillMosesKuria hashtag! It’s the same thing he told his constituents. Someone just decided to say it BOLDLY.

However, Senator Bonni Khalwale expressed his concerns over the hashtag, saying that it wsnt the right way to handle the situation.

“I am a very worried man when I see a hashtag like #KillMosesKuria we cannot fight hate speech by hating those who have wronged us,” he tweeted.


The National Cohesion and Integration act criminalizes hate speech however the courts are yet to substantively pronounce themselves on hate speech and related jurisprudence.

In January this year, Moses Kuria was in court for spreading hate speech on social media but the court granted an application by his lawyer for an out-of-court settlement with Law Society of Kenya (LSK) and the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC), who were complainants in the case.

There was a public outcry in the way the case was handled especially since a similar case involving a 22-year-old Kenyatta University Student, Allan Wadi, saw the youth being sentenced to two years in prison.

Wadi was charged with hate speech and undermining authority on account of calling for the ejection and displacement of a certain community, as well as insulting President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Hate speech has proven to be the biggest fuel that fans violence in the country and it’s about time Moses Kuria faces the law.


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