February 25, 2011


PLO Lumumba, the Chairman of Kenya’s Anti Corruption Commission (KACC) has been a very busy man…

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PLO Lumumba, the Chairman of Kenya’s Anti Corruption Commission (KACC) has been a very busy man. Since coming into office in July 2010 he has by apparently issued some 86 press releases and made 79 speeches. And the number of criminal or civil cases instigated by KACC in that time? Er… well as far as The Forum can find out it’s none, zero, not one.

Lumumba was recently in the news again, this time linking up with the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission’s (TJRC) acting chairperson Tecla Namachanja to announce that they will work together to allow wrongdoers to make amends for their fraudulent past by paying back some of their ill-gotten gains plus 12 per cent interest. It was all in the papers. Nothing has happened.

Of course the TJRC have been as busy as busy-bees can be taking thousands of statements from across the country from those who consider themselves victims of past injustices. They’re still at and plan to write their report by August, quite how and in such a time frame no one knows but there will be a report. No doubt Tecla Namachanja will be in the newspapers. Nothing will happen.

Meanwhile, over at the National Cohesion and Integration Commission’s Chairman (NCIC), Dr Mzalendo Kibunjia is hard at it. He makes speeches too and he’s on Facebook. And his long-awaited report fair employment practices in public entities? It’s still awaited.

KACC, TJRC, NCIC – so much heat and so little light. It’s time for action. The government should set up a Public Inaction & Laziness Commission (PILAC) to investigate and tackle inaction wherever they find it. PILAC could link up with the Jaundiced and Apathetic Kenyans Association (JAKASS) for a joint press conference. Or perhaps not – they probably couldn’t be bothered.

The Forum team are reminded of that sage old philosophical statement: if things don’t change soon they could well stay the same.


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