May 4, 2017


Kalonzo says money laundering claims are smear campaign by Ruto. Kalonzo Musyoka’s foundation is under suspicion for lost funds.

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Kalonzo says money laundering claims are smear campaign by Ruto

Kalonzo says money laundering claims are smear campaign by Ruto

Kalonzo Musyoka has accused the deputy president William Ruto of being behind the recent “smear propaganda” targeting his family through the Kalonzo Musyoka Foundation after a state agency suspended the operations of the foundation.

Yesterday the NGO board accused the foundation of operating illegal bank accounts and for failure to account for some Sh196 million. The board went ahead to announce that the bank accounts of the Musyoka foundation had been frozen.

Kalonzo, while addressing a press conference yesterday, accused Ruto of being driven by vendetta to intimidate him.

“I am not exonerating the President but I would be very surprised if he would besmirch a family. We know people who are driven by vendetta and it is his (Uhuru’s) Number Two and his people. We know the vendetta people and we will deal with them,” Musyoka said, adding that the timing of the allegations is in itself suspect.

“I won’t be intimidated and if I take a stand, that is final and nothing will shake my resolve to bring the kind of change that the country needs.”

The DP’s spokesman, David Mugonyi, through a statement denied the allegations saying “Kalonzo Musyoka is just politically frustrated.

“The Deputy President is too busy to waste time on such things. However, we know Musyoka’s statement is meant to serve some political interest. He should respond to specific questions irrespective of who is asking and stop looking for scapegoats. Accountability is not a choice. Musyoka owes it to Kenyans and his donors,” the statement said.


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