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August 17, 2018


Led by the vocal Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) under the hashtag #FreeBobiWine, they are demanding for the release of the firebrand politician

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Kenyans Lead In Demanding Release Of Ugandan MP Bobi Wine

Kenyans Lead In Demanding Release Of Ugandan MP Bobi Wine

Kenyans have once again taken the front seat to condemn president Yoweri Museveni for the arrest of opposition MP Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu AKA Bobi Wine.

Led by the vocal Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) under the hashtag #FreeBobiWine, they are demanding for the release of the firebrand politician who has been vocal in challenging Museveni’s rule.

Ugaman01: Here is the thing, sometimes ask me why i have a Kenyan flag on my profile, here is the reason, KOT are always willing to have a conversation about happening events without fear, as we talk now #FreeBobiWine is trending in Kenya. #ReleaseBobiwine
Raphael Obonyo: I join fellow youth leaders and millions of youth across Africa in demanding for the release of Bobi Wine. Bobi has helped to define the real meaning of youth leadership; that it is not about age, but vision and values. In his selfless and courageous leadership, young people not only in Uganda, but across the continent can see and feel a better future. His vision is our vision, his struggle is our struggle, his pain is our pain. His quest for justice has inspired youth across Africa. No doubt, a new generation of youth leaders is emerging, and freedom is on the horizon!
Robert ALAI: The dictatorship in Uganda should see the wisdom of starting to listen to dissenting voices. Ethiopia has shown the region the way. We must loudly condemn @KagutaMuseveni’s determination to silence alternative voices in the Pearl of Africa. Museveni MUST #FreeBobiWine
Dr. Miguna Miguna‏: Despots and tyrants oppress, torture, maim or kill their real or perceived opponents out of fear and desperation in order to extend their illegitimate regimes. That should give freedom fighters seeking to remove them more energy. Let’s #REVOLT against all tyrants. #FreeBobiWine
Bobi Wine, a former musician, and a first time MP (Kyadondo East) was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly inciting residents to stone President Museveni’s entourage in Arua Town on Monday. He was on Thursday charged with illegal possession of firearms and ammunition at the military court in Gulu.

34 other people who had been arrested on the same day as Bobi Wine following the chaos in Arua Town were on Thursday arraigned in court and charged with treason for their alleged role in the smashing of a rear window of a vehicle in President Yoweri Museveni’s motorcade.

Those charged include the winner of the Arua Municipality MP seat Mr. Kassiano Wadri.


Mr. Kyagulanyi’s driver, Yasin Kawuma, was also shot dead in the violence that erupted in Arua with the Mp alleging that his driver was shot by the police, who were out to take him out instead.

“Police has shot my driver dead thinking they’ve shot at me. My hotel is now cordoned off by police and SFC,’’ Bobi Wine said in a tweet.


Bobi Wine’s family has decried that the police have denied them access to the MP and they are worried about his state.

A post that has been circulating on social media from Thursday allegedly by Bobi Wine’s lawyers, alleges that the Kyadondo Mp was brutally tortured and is in critical health, adding that he can barely walk.

The MP was on Thursday charged in the presence of only two of his lawyers, who are also MPs, Mr. Asuman Basalirwa and Mr. Medard Sseggona.

“He is in great pain. He can’t talk, he can’t walk, he sits with a lot of difficulties, his face is swollen and cannot see because of the torture by soldiers.

“He couldn’t speak when the charges were read to him and I believe he didn’t know what was going on or understood the charges read to him,” Mr. Sseggona told journalists.

According to Uganda’s military court, he will be remanded until August 23.


Celebrated Uganda’s Musician Jose Chameleon has also in a letter pleaded with Museveni to forgive Bobi Wine.

“Your Excellency, our brother, your son Bobi Wine could have gone wrong on the execution of some of his ideologies,” Chameleone said in the letter.

“As head of state and forefather, it’s great to lead us in the example of forgiveness and reconciliation as that is one of the prime problems that have hindered our society,” he wrote.

Kizza Besigye, Museveni’s major opponent, has also condemned the arrests and called for the release of all those arrested.

“I have been charged with treason twice. I have been charged with rape, with illegal possession of guns. My wife was charged with having a pistol in our home in Luzira where I used to live. These trumped-up charges are the rules in how NRM [the ruling party] addresses opponents,” said Besigye.


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