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December 21, 2017


On Tuesday CS Matiang’i announced that the driving schools will have to register afresh

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Kenyans React to Government Plans to De-Register Driving Schools

Kenyans have taken to social media to react to the latest pronouncement by acting Interior Cabinet Secretary, Fred Matiang’i, which seeks to de-register all driving schools from January in a move he says is aimed at curbing road carnage.

On Tuesday CS Matiang’i announced that the driving schools will have to register afresh, in a new process aimed at ensuring that only qualified institutions are accredited.

According to Matiang’i, controlling the massive road carnage on Kenyan roads has to start with handling driving schools to ensure that only qualified people get licenses.

“We have to be firm on driving schools. My proposal is to de-register all of them and re-register afresh so that we know who is qualified to run a driving school,” Matiang’i said.

“We need to know who is qualified. We are giving licences to murderous people. How is it that we don’t review their health every year?” he said.

Matiang’i further stated that his ministry is in consultation with Transport counterparts and the National Transport and Safety Authority to work on a framework that will be used to evaluate qualified driving schools.

“We have this morning directed for conditions one needs to register a driving school be set within seven days,” he said.

While a section of Kenyans feel that the directive to de-register driving schools as a means of curbing the massive deaths on our roads is a move in the right direction, a majority are terming it as ill placed.

Below are some of the views shared:

Mohammed Hersi: As we plan to vet driving schools afresh which I personally don’t think is the source of the carnage. Stationery broken down trucks minus reflectors have killed so many Kenyans . More than half of trucks on our roads lack tail lights while the reflector is covered with dirt.

 IsackRuto: Deregistering driving schools won’t end #RoadCarnage . Cs Matiang’i must note that driving schools fall under the Ministry of Transport.

 Rein‏ Asamoh: Driving Tests are administered by @NPSOfficial_KE and driving licenses are issued by @ntsa_kenya . What is the logic of de-registering driving schools?

 MûgendiKînyua‏ mugendij: Why are we DEREGISTERING driving schools, instead of DISBANDING the Traffic Police department which administers driving tests?

 KenyaTraffic‏: The problem isn’t in the driving schools. It’s in the examiners who allow unqualified people to pass.

 Sen ledama ole kina‏: Matiangi got it wrong. Driving schools have nothing to do with causing accidents. There are many factors. Narrow minded CS.

Deregistering driving schools WITHOUT disbanding the Traffic Police is an insult to intelligence! Police are on the roads to collect ILLEGAL levy NOT to enforce the law. It’s time the government punish itself not helpless Kenyans. #RoadCarnage

 TribelessYouth: Am here convincing my heart to believe that Cs Fred Matiang’i knows what he’s doing and we should just sit back and wait to see things get done.

 George Kiago‏: Got my DL in Kenya, drove for 27yrs including PSVS, moved to another country, and failed their driving test x3.

 Juma:‏ So CS Matiang’i thinks #RoadCarnage at Salgaa is solely caused by driving schools, so they should be deregistered then registered afresh and accidents will be over! Ignorance among the elite is very expensive dear Kenyans!

Guru Don‏: Can someone please whisper to Matiang’I that driving schools don’t issue licenses and that driving tests r done under the supervision of the traffic police? Those who cause accidents are not learners but rather experienced drivers.


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