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Kenyans have taken to social media to react to the controversial deportation of NRM general Miguna Miguna.

The self-acclaimed general was deported to Canada on Tuesday evening after his unlawful detention.

Drama unfolded yesterday when Miguna Miguna was shuttled between courts in three different counties to answer to charges bordering on treason.

As his lawyer, Edwin Sifuna waited for his client to be brought in at the Milimani police station, the police would surprisingly take the general to a Kajiado court.

Miguna appeared before Kajiado Resident Magistrate Edwin Malochi and was charged with three counts; consenting to administer an oath to Raila, purporting to bind the NASA leader to commit the capital offence of treason, taking part in an illegal assembly without informing police in Nairobi, being part of an illegal outfit, the National Resistance Movement (NRM).

Below are some of the reactions by Kenyans on twitter following Miguna Miguna’s deportation.

Cyprian, Is Nyakundi‏Verified account: The Jubilee government gets more desperate. How do you deport a Kenyan citizen to Canada?

Zamzam: From Runda to Githunguri to Lari to Kajiado and now Canada. Jubilee Government has turned into a tour guide #MigunaDeported

Atanas‏:  I don’t agree with Miguna Miguna’s ideologies,Bt that doesn’t mean I support illegal deportation. Our constitution is clear “A citizen by birth doesn’t lose citizenship by acquiring the citizenship of another country. His deportation to Canada is inconsequential #MigunaDeported

Hon Lee Makwiny‏: You deport Muguna Miguna but allow Matsanga to road the streets of Kenya. Miguna Miguna will definitely come back much stronger. #MigunaDeported

Jimmy Wanjigi‏: #MigunaDeported shows how desperate this government is. Those who’re inebriated (drunk) with power can only be subdued by those who’re ravenous (hungry) for power. We shall overcome.

BRAVIN:Kenya Hits The Guinness Book of Record for Being the First Country to Deport Its Own Citizen.


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