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Sections of Kenyans lead by opposition leaders have taken to social media to condemn the arbitrary arrest and detention of Miguna Miguna.

Through the trending hashtag #FreeMigunaMigunaNow they are accusing the government of taking the country back to the dark “Nyayo era” where oppression and illegal detention of dissenting voices was the order of the day.

Miguna Miguna was arrested on Friday last week after police officers raided his house in Runda. He is being held at Lari police station for his role in the controversial swearing in of Raila Odinga on January 30.

“Obey court orders”

The public is asking the government to respect court orders after the continued detention of the self-proclaimed NRM general even after a court order, ordered for his release.

On Sunday, Kibera residents took to the streets to protest the illegal detention of Miguna Miguna

Miguna Miguna Denied Medical Attention

According to Lawyer Edwin Sifuna, Miguna Miguna suffered an asthma attack but the OCS allegedly denied him access to see his client both for legal representation and also to offer him his inhaler citing “orders from above”.

“It’s true. We received info that Miguna has suffered an Asthma attack. I have with me an inhaler but the OCS has become hostile. He won’t let me see my client to give him the medication,” Sifuna posted on Twitter.

Below are some of the reactions shared on Twitter over Miguna Miguna’s arrest.

Hon. Opiyo Wandayi‏: When a State ominously and blatantly disobeys lawful Court orders, then the ground for lawlessness and anarchy is adequately prepared.

Esther M Passaris‏Verified: @JosephBoinet @FredMatiangi Not only is it inhumane for your officers to deny Miguna access to his asthma inhaler or care by his doctors but to also defy court orders and detain him unlawfully. Love him or hate him, he deserves to be treated in a just manner. #FreeMigunaMigunaNow

Larry Madowo:  I disagree with Miguna Miguna on a lot and he’s still not welcome on my show but I don’t support his illegal detention. If you support the government infringing on one citizen’s rights, do you think it will respect yours? #FreeMigunaMigunaNow

Dr Wandia‏: How do you assert rule of law and blast people for not respecting the constitution, but support Mr Muigai who ignores court orders? Western countries are imposing a moral equivalence like they did in Rwanda in 1994 as 1m people died @BobGodec @MarietjeSchaake #freeMigunaMigunaNow

La Revolt‏: The silence of @dkmaraga is more appalling than the despotic duo actions, court orders being disobeyed under your watch and you still remain MIA. #FreeMigunaMigunaNow

Stephen Mutoro‏:  It’s unacceptable and inhumane for a patient to be denied access to medication regardless of the veracity of the crime he is suspected to have committed. Lari OCS must allow @MigunaMiguna to use his inhaler. The buck stops with you IG @JBoinnet @IPOA_KE #FreeMigunaMigunaNow


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