June 9, 2020


Kirinyaga Members of County Assembly have today voted  to impeach governor Anne Waiguru.

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Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru Impeached

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru Impeached

Kirinyaga Members of County Assembly (MCA’s) have today voted by a majority to impeach governor Anne Waiguru, allegedly over abuse of office and gross violation of the law.

A total of 23 MCAs out of 33 voted in favour of the motion by Mutira ward representative Kinyua Wangui to remove the county boss from office, four MCAs abstained while six were absent.

2o MCAs who were in support of Waiguru’s impeachment spent Monday night in the county Assembly and switched off their mobile phones,  saying they were blocking any attempts to coarse them to change their  minds and vote against the motion.

Chaos in Kirinyaga County Assembly as MCAs debate motion to impeach Waiguru

Chaos erupted at the Kirinyaga County Assembly as ward representatives fought during debate on a motion to impeach Governor Anne Waiguru, disrupting the morning session.

The drama started when two MCAs allied to the governor – Antony Munene (Karumandi) and Lucy Njeri (nominated) – shot up and started heckling the motion mover, claiming that their signatures had been forged as their names appeared in the list of those seeking to impeach Ms Waiguru yet they were opposed to the motion.

“I shall not be bullied” – Anne Waiguru

Governor Waiguru had earlier on Tuesday released a statement calling out the MCAs for what she termed as an ill-informed and ill-timed impeachment motion and maintained that she would not be bullied.

“As I have stated before, the issues raised in the motion are baseless and a waste of valuable time that would be better spent handling the serious issues impacting the county including the corona crisis,” she said.

“For some inexplicable reason, the members pushing this motion believe or have been led to believe that they are above the law. Their allegiance seems to be to a master pulling and pushing the levers from outside the assembly and not the rule of law,” she said.

“I shall not be bullied. My single and unceasing interest is to serve the people who elected me. I will be vindicated by the law, truth and justice.” Waiguru said.


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