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Panic has gripped residents of Lang’ata in Nairobi after a pack of six lions strayed from the Nairobi National Park.

The lions were last spotted roaming at the Southern bypass in the wee hours of today morning.

Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) has announced that it has dispatched a team to track down the lions and has cautioned those living in Langata and Kibera to be vigilant as the lions are very dangerous though the public has been warned against harming the animals.

“Attention: Our team has been has been on ground since 3 am to ensure that the issue is contained and the Lions are safely back,” KWS tweeted.

KWS has also issued a toll free number (0800 221566) for the public to call if they spot the lions.

Kenyans, who have a humorous way of responding to a crisis, have taken to Twitter under the hashtags #lions and #lang’ata to make fun of the situation.

WAÌTÌMŪ:  Yo people, don’t rush to lang’ata for selfie moments with lions for

Macharia Gaitho @kwskenya Leave the Langata lions free to eat the Southern Bypass carjackers.

kevin Adika: People who don’t live in langata are suddenly more worried than us residents?!chill this aren’t the first lions to stray #lionsontheloose

Oda Nobunaga: Looking for Lions in Langata and there have been hyenas around Parliament Road for years now.

coldtusker: Can we send our parliamentary hyenas to corral the lions? [I am rooting for the lions]

LINUS KAIKAI:  SIX LIONS escape from the Nairobi Park;I hope they eat all overlapping drivers along Magadi Road and Ongata Rongai!


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