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Controversial Aristocrat Tom Cholmondeley died yesterday at the MP Shah Hospital in Nairobi where he was recuperating after surgery.

The 48 year old, son of the fifth Lord Delamere, is said to have succumbed to a cardiac arrest 2.15pm on Wednesday as he recovered from a hip replacement surgery at the hospital.

Mr Cholmondeley was not in good books with the public following the fateful incidents of April 2005, where he shot and killed a Kenya Wildlife Service game ranger, Samson ole Sisina at his expansive Soysambu ranch, near Lake Naivasha.

On May 10, 2006, Cholmondeley also shot another local, Robert Njoya, allegedly without provocation. The victim was said to have been hunting in the company of other villagers, when they stumbled upon Cholmondeley.

Cholmondeley was arrested in 2009 and charged with manslaughter and sentenced for eight months jail term at Kamiti Maximum Security Prison. He was later released that year after eight months in prison after he allegedly benefitted from a 30 per cent discount on their jail term – a policy which, according to the Kenyan prison authorities is awarded to inmates, who behave well.

The Aristocrat was the great-grandson of the third Lord Delamere, one of the first and most influential British settlers in Kenya.

Kenyans on Twitter did not contain their assailable delight following the news of Cholmondeley’s death with majority of them terming his demise as “justice at last”.

nyandiga: Apparently in Kenya, people rely on nature to serve justice better than the courts. Tom Cholmondeley’s case was mishandled by the courts

JustMe ‏: When I first saw Tom Cholmondeley trending i thought someone had been shot again

atanas  The Merciless PUNISHMENT of God is on Tom Cholmondeley who killed Robert Njoya and Samson Ole Sisina. Victims finally received JUSTICE!

kipkoech mitei Rober:  Let us BE KIND TO ANIMALS like Tom Cholmondeley an allow him to rest in peace.

nyandigaTom Cholmondeley never sentenced himself to serve 5 months in prison over murder. Our judicial system is to blame for miscarriage of justice

Lord Mutai® :  Robert Njoya & Samson Sisina whom Tom Cholmondeley killed never got justice. They cried for it. They lived to fight another day

Austin Owino: ‏ Tom Cholmondeley… might have died a controversial man but in death u definitely deserve peace. R.I.P Tom


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