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‘May I Have Your Attention Please? Will The Real “Natalie Faye Webb” Please Stand Up’ And Btw ….Love From Kenya. Xx

‘May I Have Your Attention Please? Will The Real “Natalie Faye Webb” Please Stand Up’ And Btw ….Love From Kenya. Xx

May I have your attention please?

May I have your attention please?

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

I repeat, will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

We’re gonna have a problem here…..

“The Real Slim Shady” [Eminem]The Marshall Mathers LP (2000)

May I have your attention please? … we “have a problem here”, or at least “Natalie Faye Webb” has. Try Google-ing her and you will see that she is a British terrorist linked to Al Shabaab and involved in the kidnap and death of Marie Dedieu. She’s traveling with three children and is linked with known ‘bad boy’  Habib Saleh Gani. On Jan 4th it was announced that Mombasa Court had issued this warrant:

Kenyan police have obtained a warrant of arrest against a British woman they accuse of having links with terrorists in the country, particularly the notorious Al Shabaab militants.The warrant on Natalie Faye Webb was issued on Wednesday by a Mombasa court, barely a week after Police Spokesman Erick Kiraithe circulated the woman’s photograph.Police headquarters in Nairobi alleges that Webb has links with terrorists.The arrest order was issued by Chief Magistrate Lillian Mutende following an application lodged by Anti Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU) detectives who want to question her.”I direct Anti Terrorism Police Unit to arrest Ms Natalia Faye Webb of Britain and a local Kenyan Habib Saleh Gani with immediate effect,” the Magistrate ordered.”

This Forum journalist was so concerned by this announcement he emailed friends in the UK warning them of the likely knock-on affects; … ‘if it turns out that a British citizen was connected with Al Shabaab terrorism and the death of a French woman in Kenya…’. Marie Dedieu’s death was almost certainly the last straw as far as the French were concerned. Their support for “Operation Linda Nchi” has been a great asset to Kenya, but if it turned out to be a British-born kidnapping, what would the diplomatic consequences be between these two close European nations? Certainly there would, at least, be wagging of fingers from mainland Europe, across “La Manche” towards the former colonial occupiers of Kenya.

This is damning stuff, Natalie Faye Webb, is bang to rights. As she crossed the border into Kenya her identifying details were recorded. Passport number, photograph and  fingerprints, are now, routine requirements in Kenya these days. If the passport number is not on the “wanted” list and the photo matches the person, then the person enters the country, the fingerprint database is mostly for internal use, to positively re-identify people as they pass through the borders. (We also believe that these fingerprints could be connected to an international database).

A week or so after the warrant was issued, Natalie Faye Webb’s name became somewhat attenuated in terms of nationality but increased in notoriety and was still identified as that same person, she is British, an Al Shabaab terrorist and still known as “Natalie Faye Webb” but now she has a South African passport…and is  no longer a ‘small fish’

” An arrest warrant has been issued for Natalie Faye Webb, who is suspected to have entered Kenya illegally with a forged South African passport. She is believed to have links to Somali Islamists who have vowed to launch fresh terror attacks since Kenya went to war to rout the radical group al-Shabaab. “We have had some positive feedback from publishing her picture, and I can say the dragnet is closing,” a senior police source in Nairobi said. “I can give no details, but suffice it to say that we believe she isnot a small fish. She is among several Britons that our intelligence service is aware of in relation to terrorists’ plans to attack us.” A Newham man, Jermaine Grant, is due to appear at a Kenyan court on Thursday to answer charges of possessing explosives and preparing an attack.

The dragnet is closing; Natalie, Jermaine and Habib…..there is clearly a London UK link…. Grant comes from  Newham  in East London, and Habib had a residence in Hounslow, West London some 5 years ago….(or at least someone with his name did)

Bingo! or False Alarm? When the new reports of a ‘british citizen travelling on a SA passport’ came out, our antennae began to tingle at the Forum, so we spent some time trying to find the real story. The web seemed to be sending us in circles. Natalie Faye Webb is now both British and traveling on a South African passport…not that unusual in itself, but why do the authorities insist she’s a british citizen? The answer of course is that she is:….but she’s not the same Natalie Faye Webb who entered Kenya.

Will the real Natalie Faye Webb Please stand up? Last Sunday the ‘Sunday Times’ in the Uk ran this story on page 7…”Identity Theft lands Essex woman in Kenyan terrorism hunt” by Dipesh Gadher and Richard Kerbaj. We can’t reference this article as its copyrighted but if you want, you, are welcome to subscribe here, (we don’t take a commission !) Suffice it to say we have taken our own pictures of the ‘paid for’ newspaper which we lay claim to as our ‘own work’, just to prove that the article exists. Another cite on the web comes from LexisNexis a legal resource of information but again copyrighted and only available to subscribers. Other than these two references you wont find much else about poor Natalie other than she’s a terrorist… The gist of these articles is this: Natalie Faye Webb has never been to Kenya, she is currently living in the Uk and has no children. She is not the same person who has been implicated in Kenya.

But she does have connections with South Africa and did visit there in 2009.

How did it Happen? We can only speculate on this but as we have said before, Kenya specifically, and Africa in general, is not the most secure place in the world, the border commissions can add fingerprinting and photo-recognition to the in/out transit areas but they mean nothing if the infiltrator has already got a cloned identity. We posit this scenario: Natalie Faye Webb visited SA in 2009. She ‘may’ have gone to a bank or Exchange Bureau and would have been asked to present her passport to make a money exhange…the person handling the passport “skimmed” the details and held it on file for the next job. Natalie Faye Webb had no idea what was going on. Two and a bit years later her “identity” re-emerges, same age, same sex, photograph forged to a level which gets through the customs barrier initially. The customs’ camera means nothing at this point, as all it does is confirm the forged details, the fingerprints are not a cross check, only a record, so also can do nothing to foil the scam. However the crime happened, Identity Theft is on the rise. In the USA its said to be a bigger problem than property or money theft. The biggest gang of identity thieves ever, was arrested in New York recently. Sony Corporation, possibly the cleverest and most technologically advanced corporation in the world was itself the subject of a massive breech of security and Sony themselves said that whilst credit card theft was a problem it tended to reduce with time whereas identity theft was a longer term problem. And as we said in an earlier article …there is no ‘proof against fools….’ So to conclude…

An Apologia from Kenya:

“Dear Natalie … we apologize for dragging your name through the mud, we are sincerely sorry that you have been named adversely without justification, rhyme or reason, with false accusations based on bogus evidence…we Kenyans, as a Nation,  normally reserve these techniques for our own politicians businessmen and civic leaders…sorry we got carried away… from Kenya xx”

Natalie Faye Webb: Just a case of Identity Theft…

So, will the real Shady please stand up?

And put one of those fingers on each hand up?

And be proud to be outta your mind and outta control

and one more time, loud as you can, how does it go?


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