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The media fraternity mourns Veteran journalist and celebrated news anchor, Ahmed Darwesh, who succumbed to diabetes yesterday.

He was pronounced dead at the Mater hospital after collapsing at his South B home. He leaves behind a widow and two kids.

Colleagues from Standard Media Group, where he worked, led fellow members of the fourth estate in eulogizing Darwesh, Daru as they fondly called him.

Lindah Oguttu :  Ahmed Dharwesh… He used to say ‘ Wana kwetu wananiita Dharwesh’ ……. Go well my friend….. May Allah grant your family strength.

Hassan Juma: R.I.P my bro,colleague,confidante and friend #Ahmed Darwesh,it is painful but we are all on this same journey,the journey to meet our maker

Joy Doreen Bira:  I don’t recall one single day you didn’t have a smile on your face at work or anywhere else I met you. Your humility was just admirable and your kindness unconditional.

Remember when I was pregnant with Ty (my son), you came to my desk every single day to ask how I was doing, whether I needed anything to drink or eat… and after he was born you continuously asked how family is doing. We joked about how I inspired you to get baby number 3.You cared. You mentored. You inspired.

LoftyMatambo: Alikuwa kielelezo wangu, kanichochea niwe nilipo,kanipokea Ktn siku ya kwanza,..kanipa Wosia:-…..,”babu ukiweza kumsadia mtu msadie haitokugharimu kitu…,lakini wengi huogopa kushindwa na wengine kwenye hii fani,usiyashike yao”..

Ian WafulaHe interviewed me for my internship @KTNKenya and believed in me. Such humour, inspiration, courage and professionalism. R.I.P Ahmed Darwesh

Larry Madowo:  Let me tell you about the Ahmed Darwesh I knew. Daru, as we all called him was a gentleman in every sense of that word. When I joined KTN in April 2008, he was already at the top of his game and down to earth to a fault. Before I had a car, Daru stayed around after anchoring the 7pm Swahili news until I had finished editing my 9pm business story so he could drop me home. We both lived in South B but dropping me outside my doorstep still took him a little out of his way. Keep in mind that he was a boldface named prime time anchor and I was a struggling business reporter so I would ordinarily not even show in his radar. If he travelled, he would let me use his car and even leave it fuelled. That was always an excuse for me to join him and his lovely family for beautiful meals whenever I was ‘passing by.’ Even at work, he paid for too many lunches that I can count, usually at a selection of Swahili restaurants with delicious food I couldn’t yet afford. This picture was taken at Khan el-Khalili Market in Cairo. He had used his many connections and set up a week-long reporting trip to Egypt including a tour of the pyramids and Alexandria. You can still see him in part 1 of my report here He was a big brother to me in this big city, helping me create a career on television. Even after I left KTN and moved away, we remained fast friends and it was always a joy to see him whenever our paths crossed. I used to tease him about his signature line: ‘Wakubwa hamjambo, wadogo mmeshindaje. Hii ni KTN Leo chaguo lako, wanakwetu wananiita Ahmed Darwesh’ and he would grin indulgently. Daru was a kind, compassionate and funny man who was a gift to broadcast journalism. I am privileged to have known him. Rest In Peace, my friend. Shukran


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