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The toddler who was yesterday rescued alive from the debris of the collapsed building in Huruma has been reunited with the father.

Baby Dealeryn Saisi Wasike, who was initially estimated to be an year old is apparently just six months old as the father revealed, was found alive tucked safely in a basin on the lower slabs of the six storey building four days after its collapse.

According to her father, Ralson Wasike, his sister had called him at 6am yesterday morning saying that he should go to Kenyatta hospital and have a check following news that there was a baby who had been found alive.

“The previous night, I had this dream where I was combing my little girl’s hair. I did not understand the dream as she didn’t have long hair because she is only seven months old,” said Wasike.

Miraculously, baby Saisi had no any slight injuries and by 11:39am, she had been declared out of danger and at by 1:17pm she was discharged from the hospital and handed over to her father. Unfortunately her mother Eunice Bosibori, who was at home with her, did not survive the ordeal and her body was later found in city mortuary.

The death toll has so far rose to 26 and 61 people are still reported missing.

As we enter day 5 after the tragedy, hopes of finding any victims alive are beginning to fade but earlier today the Kenya red cross rescued six rabbits alive from the rubble, saying that it was a sign of life under the debris.

“Rescuers at collapsed building in Huruma, rescued 9 rabbits alive. Hope of life under the rubble,”read a tweet by the Kenya Red Cross.

In 2013 a woman was pulled alive from the ruins of an eight-storey building that collapsed in a suburb of Bangladesh’s capital, Dhaka, after 17 days and 2010 a man was also rescued from Haiti quake rubble after 12 days.


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