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The much awaited demonstration dubbed #MyDressMyChoice finally kicked off today from 11am at Uhuru park’s Freedom Corner in Nairobi.

Women in Nairobi showed up in masses to speak against the abuse of their dignity by immoral men in the society. Amazingly, dozens of men also joined the bandwagon as the procession made its way across the city centre, down to the Embasava matau terminal before proceeding to the Director of Public Prosecution’s office and to the Chief Justice to present their petition.

There was drama when the crowd, which mostly comprised of ladies, reached downtown and a group of men started jeering them and dared them to strip if they really wanted to pass a message. This group of rowdy men actually gathered behind the ladies but these women had just had enough and were not going to be cowed.

“Dare you lay a hand on any of us, and you will see hell breaking loss” one of the ladies shouted.

“This is the caliber of men we want to beat up and have them locked up, who are your mothers? “ Another lady remarked.

Well, the men just followed behind, chanting the slogan; vaa nguo/dress up but the ladies carried on.

The My Dress My Choice demonstration was organized by Kilimani Mums with an emphasis against Sexual Violence against women and to promote the Women’s freedom of dressing.

Below are exclusive photos of the #MyDressMyChoice event;

Activist Boniface Mwangi

#MyDressMyChoice Organizers from Kilimani Mums


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