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Nairobbing City Council….

Nairobi City Council were short of a few shillings to pay their 10,000 strong workforce so they came up with some fundraising ideas to meet the gap.

First bump up parking fees by 114% (Sh300 to park an ordinary saloon car) only a few months since the last rise and then hike the daily fees paid by market traders to display and sell their products by a similar percentage increase.

Town Clerk Philip Kisia defended the parking fees increase, saying, “If you want world-class infrastructure you must pay for it”. In London, he said, the fee was Sh4,000 a day and Sh2,000 in Milan.

As residents and traders have pointed out, they don’t enjoy the luxury of a ‘world-class infrastructure’, or much in the way of services when it comes to clean water, electricity or rubbish collection, and Mr Kisia is missing the point that Sh4,000 in London is about 25% of an average day’s pay when Sh300 is nearly a full day’s pay to many people in Nairobi….

But there are those 10,000 council employees to be paid for you see…….


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