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Nairobi Aviation students protesting outside Nation Centre. PHOTO by Nation
Nairobi Aviation College students have taken to the streets in protest over an expose’ aired by NTV, titled Certificates of Doom.

The expose, which aired last night, put the college in bad light on allegations that it was selling fake certificates for as little as Sh3,000 to willing buyers.

The students have stormed the Nation Centre on Kimathi Street in protest and according to sources around the scene they are hurling stones at the building. Police have arrived on the scene and are using tear gas to disperse the students.

The story went viral on social media particularly on Twitter under the hashtags; #CertificatesOfDoom #NairobiAviation, as soon as it started airing and Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) have been making hilarious comments in ridicule of Nairobi Aviation.

A section of Kenyans have however strongly condemned the expose’ terming it to be in light and biased.

“The story aired by Denis Okari exposing the Nairobi Aviation College was suspect, in bad taste, discriminatory and insensitive. While there are numerous institutions offering fake certificates including public universities and which must be investigated and addressed appropriately, singling out one institution is in and of itself lacking all elements of justice and fairness.

I choose to stand with the Nairobi Aviation College in no uncertain terms.” Said Kevin Otiende, a practicing Journalist.

“When NTV is bribed to fix some college, the story is lost.

How many colleges are in Nairobi? How many are believed to be scams? Why focus on one? Witch-hunt? #CertificatesOfDoom,” Blogger Robert Alai tweeted.

Ngeresa Paul :This #certificateofdoom on @ntvkenya was half baked surely it should have just fallen in the news segment 30 sec @RobertAlai lacking insight.

Valentine Nyamwaro‏ #CertificatesOfDoom expo had no content, i expected something much more as there is a lot happening in our ISO certified universities.


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