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Nairobi 15.00hrs via SMS

The National Security Intelligence Service in Nairobi Kenya have just issued a security alert to specific high density upmarket centres in Nairobi, naming Westlands Shopping Mall, The Ambassadeur Hotel and  Kencom House.

Both Kencom and the Ambassadeur Hotel are close to last weeks attack on  Assanands House in Moi Avenue. All the targets mentioned are associated with high rise builds.

Just a few days earlier Al-Shabaab issued a threat to the residents of Nairobi:

“In their message, Al-Shabaab said, “something big is coming, within the next two weeks and Kenyans shall watch their towers coming down; Two weeks from now you will weep.” So far, the bombs and grenades deployed by Al-Shabaab have failed to cause significant destruction and deaths to manifest the kind of terror Al-Qaeda affiliated Al-Shabaab hopes to inflict on Kenya.”

“However, the new ‘petrol-fertilizer’ bomb and its success in destroying the build and causing mayhem in the capital is indicative of the presence of an expert bomb maker operating in Nairobi, hence reinventing Al-Shabaab’s hope of inflicting a deadly blow to Kenya.

The warning issued by Al-Shabaab on 31st May reveals the bomb makers instructions, that he should continue to develop a more effective explosive device since his success in the previous one defines his proficiency further increases his chances of success.”


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