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January 5, 2017


M. Omanga criticised for political ‘branding’ on school donations. The Nairobi Women’s representative hopeful is accused of politicising.

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M. Omanga criticised for political ‘branding’ on school donations

M. Omanga criticised for political ‘branding’ on school donations

Nairobi County Woman Rep aspirant Millicent Omanga has been widely critiqued on social media for donating “improper branded” school items to needy children in an effort to secure some political mileage.

The aspiring woman rep has donated metallic storage boxes, which are popular in the country among students in boarding schools. The boxes are fully branded ‘Donated by Millicent Omanga, Nairobi Women Rep 2017’, an issue that has enraged Kenyans arguing that it erodes the beneficiaries of their dignity.

According to a Facebook post made by one Irene Kendi, Ms Omanga’s gesture robs the students their self-esteem and confidence.

“Our schools have students from all social classes and the reason students wear uniform is so that they can look “equal”. Give from your heart not for political mileage” Kendi posted.

Dozens of fellow Kenyans who share Kendi’s sentiments joined the bandwagon to condemn Omanga for the donation.

Antony Cyrus: this has gone to the extremes. Can she go back to the drawing board and fire her political adviser.

Stephen Njeru: there should be a law curbing the vulnerable and underage from such exploitation.

Titoh Maveke: this is giving to the kids and feeding your ego

Stephen Njeru: Do this politicians know the actual meaning of donations or their minds are stuck on making money and squeezing the poor


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