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It is reported that 13 people have been killed after armed attackers raided two separate areas on Kenya’s coast last night, 15km from Lamu. Four people are reported to have died at the Hindi trading centre in Lamu county, not far from the scene of attacks in Mpeketoni in which 65 people were recently killed. Nine more people were reported killed in another attack in the Gamba area of Tana River county.

Kenya’s National Disaster Operations Centre stated on Saturday that gunfire had broken out.

A spokesman reportedly for Somalia’s al-Shabab armed group (although this has not been confirmed) issued a statement late on Saturday saying that its fighters had carried out an attack in the area.

“The attackers came back home safely to their base,” Al-Shabaab’s military spokesman Abdulaziz Abu Musab is reported to have said, claiming that at least 10 people had been killed in the attack.

Deputy President William Ruto had been due to visit Mpeketoni today.

UPDATE 14:25

Gunmen are now reported to have killed at least 29 people according to the Interior Ministry in Kenya, in two separate attacks near Lamu.

“There were two attacks in Lamu and Tana River last night. In Lamu we have nine people dead and in Tana River we have 20. The number could rise,” Mwenda Njoka, a spokesman for the ministry is reported to have said according to the Reuters news agency.


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