July 12, 2017


Retired president Daniel Moi, President Uhuru Kenyatta and other leaders have sent their tributes to the late Nicholas Biwott, who died yesterday at the Nairobi hospital.

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Nicholas Biwott: tributes memories and reactions to his death

Nicholas Biwott: tributes memories and reactions to his death

Retired president Daniel Moi, President Uhuru Kenyatta and other leaders have sent their tributes to the late Nicholas Biwott, who died yesterday at the Nairobi hospital.

Biwott a dependable friend, former President Moi

In a statement, Moi said that he came to know Biwott back in the 1950s and he later became one of his most loyal lieutenants. Moi described Biwott as a “dependable friend” and celebrated him for being a dedicated public servant.

“Biwott served in various ministerial positions in government and was a dedicated public servant, an astute businessman and a philanthropist who initiated community projects,” he stated.

Biwott had an obvious impact on government, President Uhuru Kenyatta

President Uhuru Kenyatta sends his condolences, saying Biwott’s diligence and intelligence shone through his long tenure in government.

“These were the qualities that propelled his rise through the ranks of Government; and these are the qualities that he put at the disposal of the Presidents he served, and of his countrymen,” he said.

“They were balanced by his private warmth, his wit, his attention to detail, and his love of family.”

Uhuru also celebrated Biwott for his notable investment in education. He was devoted to the education of young Kenyans saying in his lifetime, he funded many scholarships, and never ceased to insist that young men and women should take every opportunity to improve themselves.

“Now that he has gone to rest, may his generosity never be forgotten. I pray that God will comfort and strengthen his family at this difficult time, especially his wife and children,” the President added.

In tribute to Biwott, William Ruto describes a hardworking, dedicated philanthropist

Deputy President William Ruto described the ‘Total man’ as a distinguished public official who served three governments with distinction and determination, adding that Biwott took pleasure in helping the needy in society.

“He set up a Foundation that promotes girl child education and provides bursaries to students and helped build, expand and equip hospitals in the Rift Valley. Deepest condolences to his family, friends and the people of Keiyo.”

Biwott a reformist, Raila Odinga

National Super Alliance (NASA) Presidential Candidate Raila Odinga remembered Biwott as a reformist.

“Hon Biwott played a central role in the formation of the modern Kenya State at a critical moment in our history when it was vital to have every hand on deck to ensure that Kenya’s first transfer of power went smoothly and ensured national unity at a very tense and trying time,” said Raila.

Mudavadi indicates a passing of a generation

Musalia Mudavadi also eulogized the late ex minister as one of the least publicity seeking politicians despite his ‘larger than life’ personality. “Biwott was a different kind of politician. Together with the late GG Kariuki, they represent the passing of the first generation of young technocrats at independence who later graduated into imminent political leaders of their time,” said Mr Mudavadi.

Former President Daniel Arap Moi said he has known Biwott since 1950s both being leaders from Rift Valley at then.

Mwai Kibaki, “Biwott provided leadership”

“Biwott provided leadership in eight diverse ministerial dockets besides representing Keiyo South for 28 years.” Mwai Kibaki said.

Gideon Moi, in tribute to Nicholas Biwott

“Kenya has lost an industrious man whose footprints are implanted in almost all the sectors.”

Senator Kipchumba Murkomen:

“I had the privilege of competing with him in 2013. While a student, he mentored me politically and even shaped my life by helping to pay school fees”

Luka Malakwen:

“Biwott was passionate about education. That is why he invested heavily in building learning facilities and sponsored thousands of students”

Micah Cheserem:

“At a time when Moi had so many challenges as the president, Biwott was one of the most courageous defender”.

Franklin Bett:

“When he was MP for Keiyo South, he committed himself to fundraising for projects in the constituency.”

Moses Wetangula:

“Whatever people want to say, Biwott was a very brilliant and astute politician. I personally had an interaction with him in Parliament and quite often he would consult me on legal matters, whenever you gave him proper advice he appreciated.”


Nicholas Biwott died on Tuesday morning at the Nairobi hospital, where he had been rushed for treatment.


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