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August 13, 2012


Even for Kenya there are more conspiracy theories flying about at the moment than you can shake a stick at.

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Playing I-Spy In Kenya: Raila Odinga And The NSIS

Get your cloak and dagger out, check if you are being followed, be careful what you say on the ‘phone, don’t even consider sending anything but the blandest of emails, and take not of those whispered conversations going on as you walk into a room: even for Kenya there are more conspiracy theories flying about at the moment than you can shake a stick at.


Prime Minister Raila Odinga says that not only is he facing opposition from the ‘forces of impunity’, they have now been joined by the ‘anti-reform forces’ who are teaming up with his opponents, who in turn are being aided and abetted by Kenya’s National Security Intelligence Service (NSIS).

It is Raila’s contention that Miguna Miguna’s book ‘Peeling back the mask’ was ‘encouraged and funded’ by the NSIS and his opponents (’Raila: NSIS wants to bring me down’, Sunday Nation) with aim of ‘stopping his campaign for State House’.


Prime Minister Odinga has not said, as far as the Kenya Forum is aware, which ‘forces’ are behind his former Protocol Officer, Tony Gachoka, and his allegations that Raila was implicated in the post-election violence in Kenya in 2007-08.

Gachoka is now brandishing two copies of a report entitled, ‘Back from the Precipice: A Human Rights Account of Kenya’s Post 2007 Election Violence’, written and published by the Kenyan National Commission on Human Rights (KNCR): one version, Gachoka claims, is marked ‘unedited’ and allegedly names Raila Odinga, which the published version did not.

On Friday Tony Gachoka was reported as bemoaning that the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague were refusing to consider his ‘evidence’ and that his attempt to get the ICC to consider it was being met with “stony silence” from the Office of the Prosecutor.

“I can only imagine that her refusal to receive my evidence under oath”, Gachoka was quoted as saying, “is driven by concerns other than the quest for truth and justice”.


Meanwhile, Uhuru Kenyatta is concerned at alleged comments Chief Justice Willy Mutunga is supposed to have made about Kenyatta and Ruto’s eligibility as presidential candidates (‘Uhuru protests against CJ comments over eligibility’, The Star), and they both and their lawyer Harrison Kinyanjui want to know what wily Willy Mutunga discussed last weekend with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton regarding the ICC.

CJ Willy Mutunga better watch his step if a report in the weekend Star is anything to go by.


‘Campaign mooted to kick out CJ’ ran the front page headline in the The Star, under which there was a report by one Walter Menya claiming that there is a campaign being mounted to ‘intimidate the judiciary’ and ‘bring down Chief Justice Willy Mutunga’.

‘According to multiple sources’ (multiple sources not named) Menya reported, the National Conservative Forum was planning to ‘launch a massive attack on the judiciary and the CJ’ and that the said National Conservative Forum was ‘allied’ to Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto.

What had the National Conservative Forum done to rouse Walter Menya’s ire? Well, they had orgainsed a workshop to discuss the question; ‘Has judicial activism and civil society replaced the sovereign will of the people and become the alternative government?’

According to Menya’s report, the speakers at the workshop included Charles Kanjama, lawyer Kibe Muigai and Dr John Khaminwa, who argued that Kenya’s judiciary  were delivering rulings based not on law ‘but on political correctness’. Worse still, wrote Menya, Kanjama was in the ‘No’ campaign in 2010. Oh shudder… hide your eyes children.

The National Conservative Forum’s founder Jennifer Shamalla described the allegations that her organisation was ‘a launchpad for politicians allied to Uhuru and Ruto’ as an “attempt to intimidate us” by “rumourmongers”.


The Kenya Forum has written before about Ms Jennifer Shamalla and the National Conservative Forum (‘Are the Kenyan people being led astray?’ January 20, 2012) as far as we are aware it has no links with Kenyatta or Ruto (we hope that doesn’t make us, in Walter Menya’s eyes, part of some great conspiracy!)

Walter Menya’s report in the weekend Star was first of all poor reporting; sources were not identified and the grounds for their allegations were not substantiated.

The language of the report was also absurd; the thought of the National Conservative Forum launching ‘a massive attack’ is almost laughable. What were they going to do?  Break out from the workshop in columns of tanks and head for Kenyatta Avenue?

Finally, so far as The Star’s report is concerned, just because someone supported the ‘No’ campaign during the constitutional referendum, does not make them an agent of the devil and they have a right to express their views: or does the new constitution not apply to such people Mr Menya?


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