May 14, 2018


15 the number of suspected thugs that been felled in less than a month.

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Police Kill 15 Suspected Thugs in Three Weeks

Police Kill 15 Suspected Thugs in Three Weeks

The Nairobi Flying Squad are on the spot for recent cases of extra-judicial killings, following a spate of shootings by police that have left 15 suspected thugs gunned down in just three weeks.

On Sunday, police shot and killed two suspected robbers in Kahawa Wendani, Kiambu County bringing to 15 the number of suspected thugs that been felled in less than a month.

According to the police, in the Wendani incident they were responding to screams from women who were being robbed when the thugs opened fire on the police and a shoot-out ensued.

Two suspects were shot dead while two others escaped.


On Saturday, flying squad officers in Dandora, Nairobi shot dead four other suspected criminals and allegedly recovered a pistol that had been stolen from a GSU officer killed by carjackers in a public bus last month along Thika road.

The killings have sparked some criticism with critics asking if the police are just out on a shooting spree especially following the Friday incident that saw police gun down a 17-year-old teenager in Jericho in what turned out to be a case of mistaken identity.


Arnold Okong’o was gunned down in his Jericho neighbourhood after he was mistaken for one Shimoli, the son of famous criminal Edward Shimoli touted as Kenya’s Carlos the Jackal, who was killed by police in 2007.

Shimoli Jnr was on the police’s list of most wanted criminals.

However, Okong’o father, who is the coach of Jericho All Stars FC, has since come out to dispute the police account saying his son was a victim of murder by the police.

His uncle also questioned why the police had to shoot him 16 times even when he had surrendered by raising his arms and was also unarmed.

However, Buruburu crimes boss Jeremiah Ikiao said even though Okong’o was not Shimoli’s son he was also criminal in police records and received a warning prior to his killing.

Okong’o killing rekindles last year’s incidents that saw a number of teenagers said to be members of the dreaded gang gaza, executed by a killer cop only identified as “hessy”, who went to publicize the killings on social media.


Hessy would allegedly first issue warnings to the criminals, then subsequently track them  down and shoot them dead. He would then take pictures and post on social media under the caption “Amejua Hajui” (“He now knows he is not smart”).

“Hessy” first appeared on the social media scene when he/she posted a photo of plain clothes policemen killing a young man in Eastleigh in the full glare of the public.


Hessy was also allegedly the cop behind the killing of infamous 18 year-old Clare Mwaniki,alias Clea Adi Vybz, who was popularly touted as “Nairobi’s prettiest gangster”.


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