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October 22, 2022


Here are the nominees and their backgrounds, and an assessment as to their chances of being approved as Cabinet Secretaries.

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President Ruto’s Nominees for CS Positions – A Critical Assessment

President Ruto’s Nominees for CS Positions – A Critical Assessment

Musalia Mudavadi

A personal view from Rieko Mwenyewe…

At the time of General Elections Campaign both former Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga and Former Deputy President, now the President, Dr. William Samoei Arap Ruto, talked about nominating Cabinet Secretaries from Parliament which was advocated in the Building Bridges Initiative, a move which was later outlawed by Supreme Court of Kenya. Raila Odinga particularly advocated nominating politicians to hold these posts.

After winning the General Elections, President William Ruto settled on a mixture of technocrats and politicians. Here are the nominees and their backgrounds, and an assessment as to their chances of being approved as Cabinet Secretaries.

Musalia Whycliffe Mudavadi – Nominee for Prime Cabinet Secretary

Prime Cabinet Secretary nominee Musalia Mudavadi is a product of high-class dynasty background having been born to Mzee Moses Mudamba Mudavadi who was a brother-in-law of President Emeritus, the Late Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi. Musalia became a Member of Parliament in 1983 when he suceeded his Father and was immediately appointed as Minister of Finance.

Mudavadi became the shortest serving Vice President in Kenya when he replaced Vice President George Saitoti in 2002 after a horde of politicians decamped from the KANU Party to join NARC which eventually won the General Elections in 2002. Mudavadi later joined Raila Amolo Odinga in 2007 in NASA as a running mate. They did not make it.

Hon. Mudavadi then went on to form the ANC Party which he used as a platform in 2017 with no success. He is lucky to have been lured to join the UDA of President Ruto but he retained his ANC Party which he will be forced to relinquish if he succeeds in being cleared by the Parliamentary Vetting Committee. The problem he may meet is when a Kenyan national petitions Parliament to question the validity of the Post of Prime Cabinet Secretary which is a stranger position not in accordance with the Kenya Constitution Act 2010, although President Ruto authored a First Presidential Order 2022, to create this position.

Musalia Mudavadi will in all likelihood however, go through vetting by the Parliamentary Committee to become the First Prime Cabinet Secretary in Kenya.

Justin Muturi – Nominee for Attorney General

Justin Muturi has been a Member of Parliament from Embu. He has also served as the Speaker of National Assembly from 2013- 2022. Muturi took over the Democratic Party of Kenya but later joined and supported UDA and President Ruto where he was prevailed upon not to seek Elective Position because President Ruto was sure to win the General Elections. The President promised to offer him a Cabinet Secretary position which he did.

Justine Muturi will succeed in being confirmed as the 8th Attorney General of Kenya.

Aden Dualey – Nominee for Defence CS

Aden Dualey was introduced to Parliament in 2007 by Rt. Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga on the ODM Party Ticket. He retained his position in 2013 and 2017. Dualey was a strong Leader of Majority Party in the 12th Parliament. He succeeded in winning all the Government Motions and Bills until in 2021 when he was removed for being sympathetic to the Deputy President, a move which has resulted in being nominated as a Cabinet Secretary.

Aden Dualey will succeed and become the Cabinet Secretary for Defence.

Kithure Kindiki – Nominee for Interior and National Administration

Professor Kindiki is probably the most educated and experienced among the Presidential Nominees. He has served as a Member of Parliament for Meru Sub-County and also as a Senator. Kithuri was one of the strongest supporters of President Ruto. He was the Chief Whip for the Jubillee Party at the 4th Senate. Prof. Kindiki will go through the nomination exercise and become the Cabinet Secretary for Interior and National Administration.

Njuguna Ndung’u – Nominee for Treasury

Hon. Ndung’u is not new to being in a high post in Kenya Government. He served as the Governor of Central Bank of Kenya where he performed well enough until he resigned. He will move to the position after vetting.

Moses Kuria – Nominee Investment and Industry

Moses Kuria is probably the most controversial nominee for a Cabinet Secretary position. Moses first landed in Parliament when President Uhuru Kenyatta pursuaded a sitting Member of Parliament to step down. Moses went to Parliament unopposed. After that he won elections and became a bonafide Member of Parliament for Gatundu South.

Moses campaigned as a Governor Position in Kiambu County but was defeated. He is one of the politicians likely to make it.

Kipchumba Murkomen – Nominee Transport and Industry

Onesmus Kipchumba Murkomen is one of the ardent supporters of President Ruto. He was the Leader of Majority in the Senate in 2017-2022. There is no time when he could not talk positively in favour of President Ruto. Kipchumba is a sure bet to proceed to the Cabinet Secretary for Industry and Transport.

Mithika Linturi – Nominee Agriculture and Livestock

Mithika Linturi is one of the nominees who came with a questionable character and his chances of making it through to the Cabinet Secretary Position is doubtful, although he may have a slim chance.

Eliud Owalo – Nominee ICT and Economy

Hon. Eliud Owalo is the only nominee from Luo Nyanza Region. Owalo was the Chief Campaigner for Raila Odinga in the 2013 General Election but he later changed sides and joined the Jubilee Party without success. Later still he joined UDA Party and succeeded in obtaining votes for President Ruto.

Eliud Owalo will go through to become Cabinet Minister for ICT, Digital and Economy.

Aisha Jumwa – Nominee Public Services and Gender

Perhaps another nominee who stood little chance of going through is Hon. Aisha Jumwa Katana. The lady was initiated into Parliament by Rt. Hon.Raila Odinga. For some positive reasons she sensed success and moved from ODM to Jubilee and later to UDA. Hon. Jumwa’s credibility of integrity is still however perhaps questionable.

Ezekiel Machogu – Nominee Education

Hon. Machogu is the only nominee from Kisii and his chances of getting positive verdict from the Pariamentary Vetting Committee is high. Hon. Machogu is a Politician.

Davis Chichir – Nominee Energy and Petroleum

Davis Chirchir is one of the Cabinet Secretaries who were removed from the same office by former President Uhuru Kenyatta. His chances of successfully going through the vetting is on thin line, but being a strong supporter of President Ruto could help him to proceed to the Cabinet Secretary Position.

Ababu Namwamba – Nominee Youth Affairs

Ababu Namwamba was one time the Secretary General of the ODM Party, after he was initiated by Rt. Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga. He moved on to Jubilee and was appointed as Chief Adminstrative Secretary by President Uhuru.

Hon. Namwamba will go through as one of the Young Administrators in President Ruto’s Government.

Salim Mvuria – Nominee Mining, Blue Economy and Maritime Affairs

Hon. Salim Mvuria is one of the candidates of Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga who moved to UDA and was lucky to be nominated but he will go through.

Alfred Mutua – Nominee Foreign and Diaspora Affairs

Hon. Mutua is one of the vastly experienced choices having worked as Government Spokesman. He later joined the Wiper Party and won the Governorship of Machakos before forming his Party of Maendeo Chapchap. Hon. Mutua joined Asimiyo La Umoja One Kenya Coalition but on the way moved to Kenya Kwanza Coalition although still attached to the Asimiyo Caution Party.

Apart from moving parties, Alfred will go through the vetting positively.

Alice Wahome – Nominee Sanitary and Irrigation

Hon. Alice Wahome is one of the best supporters of President Willam Ruto. She was once a great sympathiser of President Uhuru Kenyatta and was once seen publicly attacking an IEBC Official she claimed to have messed up with Jubilee Party Votes. Hon. Alice will go through the vetting process.

Florence Bore – Nominee Labour and Social Services

Hon. Florence Bore is relatively new in the game but has enough technocrat experience to perform.

Susan Nakhumicha – Nominee Health

Hon. Susan is qualified as a nurse but lack experience and knowledge of the portfolio she has been assigned. Her exposure may help her out.

Zacharia Njeru – Nominee Lands, Housing and Urban

Hon. Zacharia Njeru is also a greenhorn but may succeed.

Soipan Tuya – Nominee Environment and forestry

Hon. Soipan Tuya has been nominated but her experience and ability are questionable, all the same she will pass the vetting stage.

Penina Malonza – Nominee Wildlife and Heritage

Hon. Penina is also new to the field of senior management but may make it. The problem is that she has a history of being hectic and unreasonable. This may portray negatively through the Parliamentary Vetting Committee.

Simon Chelugui

Hon. Simon is the only current Cabinet Secretary who was retained from the 12th. Parliament. His chance is guaranteed.

Rebecca Miano – Nomnee EAC, Arid and Lands

Hon. Rebecca is another new comer to the lucrative field who will show case her worth.


After going through these nominees, it is apparent that almost all of them will be cleared with a possible exception of Hon.Mithika Linturi and Penina Malonza, who may need the help of President William Samoei Arap Ruto. Hon. Aisha Jumwa could have had it rough because of her poor education background but thanks to the lowering of Education Qualification she has now a soft landing ground.

The final verdict will of cause be vested on the Parliament Plenary Session where the approval or otherwise of the nominees will take place.


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