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Raila To Launch New Book On His Vision For Kenya

The National Super Alliance (NASA) presidential candidate Raila Odinga will soon unveil a new book that captures his vision for Kenya.

The book titled, The Quest for Nationhood: Roadmap to Our Future is a pocket-sized 125-page book written by Odinga that details “how Kenya can recover lost ground and achieve prosperity for all”. In essence, it is the independence history of Kenya.

The Quest for Nationhood explores key among other things; ideas on how to fix the economy, strengthen nationhood, protect devolution and end corruption. This book offers some answers to those still pertinent questions, analysing why we are where we are today, where we ought to be, and the road we need to travel to build the Kenya we deserve.

According to Odinga, the title targets young people who were not there during Kenya’s defining movements saying it will help them know, love and serve their country and will also make a good read for the elderly who have either chosen to forget or whose memories have faded.


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