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The Samsung Note 7 was subject to a mass recall after reports from the US and Korea of the phone “exploding” during or after charging. The South Korean company asked their customers who had already bought the phone to swap it for a new one.

Several users had reported their phones catching fire or exploding while charging, and Samsung said it had confirmed 35 such cases.

Thanks to the Note 7, the Korean company plunged into further crisis as even the supposedly safe ones were exploding after they were issued to customers. This forced the company to temporarily halt production of the Galaxy Note 7.

A major incident is when a replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 caught fire on a Southwest Airlines plane in USA. There were other incidences involving the replacements and this as would be suggested by many has damaged the reputation of the Note 7.

The fault appears to lie in the device’s lithium-ion battery, which may be prone to overheating, causing fires and explosions. It is unclear how widespread the issue is.

This incident is a big blow to Samsung in its efforts to continue to challenge its biggest rival, Apple’s iPhone. Apple launched their own iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus few days after Samsung recalled the Note 7.

The case of exploding phones is common as there has even been cases of iPhone smartphones exploding in recent days. The difference is the frequency of the Samsung’s Note 7 has been more rampant.


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