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Security around parliament heightened after terror alert

All government institutions have been put on heightened security following an alert from the police indicating that terrorists are plotting an attack against Parliament.

According to intelligence reports, the attack has been planned by Mr Mohammed Mohamud alias Dulyadeen alias Gamadheere, who heads one of the arms of Al-Shabaab, the Somalia-based terrorist group.

The report also indicates that at least 12 suspected terrorists are involved in the attack. Six of the suspects are said to be possibly in Nairobi already and the whereabouts of the other six are yet to be established. A vehicle carrying explosive materials is likely to be used against Parliament.

Security around and within parliament building has been heightened as additional security officers were deployed, both inside and outside the premises to prevent any security breach and to respond swiftly in case of an attack.

Mohamud claimed responsibility for the November 22, 2014 bus attack in Mandera.

Terrorism attacks targeting parliament buildings have become common across the globe lately. Last year April, Gunmen attacked Libya’s parliament during a special assembly session to elect a new prime minister. Several people were left wounded.

In October the same year, the Canadian parliament was also attacked by about three gunmen.


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