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Sonko Rescue Team bails out granny

The Sonko rescue team has bailed out the 100 years old granny from Embu County, who had been sentenced to a three month jail for contempt of Court last week.

Margaret Ngima, was sentenced on March 10th, 2015 to a three month jail term or pay a fine of Ksh 100,000 by Resident Judge Florence Muchemi for contempt of Court following a 18 year old land case.

Ngima, who had been sentenced alongside her three sons, was unable to raise the hefty amount for the fine and had already served a whole week at the Embu Women GK Prisons before Sonko’s rescue team stepped in.


She became the oldest inmate in the history of Kenya, as Kenyans took to social media to condemn Judge Florence Muchemi for sending the granny to jail.

The granny and her sons are accused of ignoring a court order to allocate a two acre parcel of land to Justa Wawira, who has been demanding a share of the family’s four acre land at Nthambo in Embu County.

Ngima’s three sons, 72 year old Peter Njue and 52 year old Angelo Gichovi were each sentenced to six months in jail without the option of a fine.

Embu County Governor Martin Wambora had pledged to pay off the Ksh 100,000 fine.

The Sonko’s Rescue Team was launched by Nairobi senator Mike Sonko early in January in a bid to extend ‘lavish’ social services to Kenyans. These include free wedding limousines, ambulances and break downs.


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