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May 7, 2018


The embattled general was obstructed by unidentified, heavily built men

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Sossion Blocked from KNUT Offices

Sossion Blocked from KNUT Offices

Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) secretary, Wilson Sossion has been blocked from accessing his office at the union’s headquarters.

The embattled general was obstructed by unidentified, heavily built men, despite a court order barring the Registrar of Trade Unions from deregistering Sossion as KNUT’s Secretary General.

Sossion went ahead to show the men the court order but they wouldn’t bulge saying they were under instructions not to allow him into the premises.

“I am the elected and legitimate KNUT Secretary General and you cannot block me from accessing my work station,” said Sossion.

The court order issued by Judge Maureen Onyango of the Employments and Labour Relations court states that Sossion is legitimately appointed Secretary General and prohibits any authority from interfering with his performance pending a court hearing on May 10.

The judge also barred the respondents from registering, recognising or admitting any other person as secretary general to replace Sossion during the period.

“A temporary prohibition order is hereby issued barring the respondents from registering, appointing, recognising, putting or placing any person as Knut Secretary General in place of Sossion pending the hearing of the application,” the judge said.


Trouble for Sossion ensued following his nomination to parliament after the August 2017 general elections.  He has been accused to relinquish his position at the teacher’s union.

A section of National Executive Council of KNUT suspended Sossion on April 30 during a meeting at the Kenya institute of curriculum development. Hesbon Otieno was consequently voted as  acting Secretary General together with Wycliffe Omucheyi as acting Chairman.


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