March 3, 2010


Kenyans have taken to social media to express disapproval on president Uhuru’s recent public outbursts

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Tame Your Anger Kenyans Tell President Kenyatta

Tame Your Anger Kenyans Tell President Kenyatta

Kenyans have taken to social media to express disapproval on president Uhuru’s recent public outbursts and have asked him to tone down his unwarranted anger.

This comes after a visibly irate Uhuru used strong words in two successive public speeches in separate incidents.

In the most recent incident, Uhuru gave governor Josephat Nanok of Turkana County a dress down and called him a “foolish, mad devil”. The president also told Turkana residents that even if they refused to vote for him (Uhuru) it will not be the end of the world.

“How dare someone stand here and say Uhuru has interests in the oil here, shame on him, foolish devil,” he said.

“Am not one to be threatened, votes are votes and we will come seek them just like any other person, whether you give us the votes or not, the world will not come to an end,” Uhuru said.

Uhuru was responding to concerns raised by Nanok on the distribution of oil revenue.

Earlier in the week during the opening of the devolution conference in Nakuru County, a furious Uhuru had given the striking doctors a backlash and threatened to fire them if they failed to resume work.

You have to recognize that we are paying these people and we have offered them more money than even the doctors in the private hospitals receive,” Uhuru said.

“An intern today is being offered more money than a medical practitioner working at Nairobi hospital, Agakhan and matter hospital. kwani hii watu wanaona sisi ni wajinga kiasi gani? (How stupid do these people think we are?) It cannot be,” he continued.

“…and they only work for two hours a day in government hospitals and then they run to do private practice in their clinics. This is blackmail and we are not going to entertain this,” He said.

Below are views shared by Kenyans on Twitter (KOT);

Wambui‏ Waambui:  Governor Nanok just want fair distribution of revenue made from oil found in Turkana not from milk “found” in Ruiru. Calm down #UhuruVsNanok

Otieno Gutu‏: What is he smoking lately, I thought we were in Ethiopian tings now we are Jamaicans by August we’ll be doing Colombian #UhuruVsNanok

Steph‏ githinji:  #UhuruVsNanok still wonder how you’ll be supporting Uhuru even when nanok is more sober minded than him. Pathetic jubilee administration.

Caroline Mwangi‏:   I honestly admire Nanok; he truly respected presidency amidst the ‘shetani’ ‘Mjinga’ things @UKenyatta you disappoint aki!! #UhuruVsNanok

Bernard Kipkorir‏: Turkana people have suffered for a long time.They work for free for food. God now blessed them with oil. Thieves want to steal! #UhuruVsNanok

Bea Samuel: Why does Uhuru always feel need to insult people who challenge him? Stupid colonial mindset. Man has no respect.

Okello‏ PanAfrikanist: I believe this man #UhuruKenyatta was drunk. This is uncalled and way too low for the Presidency!

Wa Nyaga:  Uhuru kenyatta is losing it, where are his PR people? #angerinchief


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