July 11, 2017


Tanzanian MP charged after insulting Magufuli. The MP in question allegedly questioned Magufuli’s judgment.

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Tanzanian MP charged after insulting Magufuli

Tanzanian MP charged after insulting Magufuli

Halima Mdee, the Tanzanian legislature accused of insulting Magufuli has been charged with the offence.

Ms Mdee, who was taken to court on Monday denied the charges and was released on a TSh10 million bond that was signed by herself and two sureties.

State Attorney Nassoro Katuga told the court that on July 8, 2017, Ms Mdee uttered abusive remarks against President Magufuli during a news conference at the Chadema headquarters in Dar es Salaam, adding that her utterances could have disrupted peace.

Ms Dee had criticized Magufuli on his stand against allowing girls who get pregnant while in school to resume their studies saying that “he talks a lot without thinking”.

“We should denounce this tendency of President John Pombe Magufuli who thinks his declarations are law. If we continue to do nothing, one day he will order Tanzanians to walk barefoot or topless because he knows he has the support of police,” she said.

“We must absolutely put the brakes on this president,” she said, describing him as “problematic”.

Insulting the president was made a criminal offense in Tanzania and is punishable by up to three years in jail, a fine of around $3,000, or both.


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