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July 5, 2017


Tanzanian MP faces arrest for insulting Magufuli. A worrying development for free speech in Tanzania as MP faces arrest.

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Tanzanian MP faces arrest for insulting Magufuli

Tanzanian MP faces arrest for insulting Magufuli

A district commissioner in Dar es Salaam, Ally Hapi, has ordered the arrest of an opposition MP for using abusive language against the president.

“I instruct Halima Mdee to be arrested by the police and detained for 48 hours, interrogated and prosecuted over her insults against our President,” Mr Hapi, Kinondoni District Commissioner, is quoted by the East African Newspaper.

Ms Mdee has been on record telling off the president with regards to his recent stand on education for girls who get pregnant while in school.

Last month Magufuli said that teenage girls in primary and secondary schools who get pregnant will not be re-admitted back to school.

“We cannot educate parents! No one will be allowed back to school if they get pregnant while in both primary and secondary school, not under my tenure,” Magufuli said.

“Girls who get pregnant while in universities are allowed back but in primary schools, no! This is a bad culture we are encouraging and if we continue, it’s only a matter of time before we have a scenario were all students in class one are mothers,” he said.

Insulting the president was made a criminal offense in Tanzania and is punishable by up to three years in jail, a fine of around $3,000, or both.

Reports indicate that More than 10 people, including university students and a lecturer, have been charged in court over the past few months with insulting the president via social networking platform like WhatsApp.


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