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Apologies to everyone.…we had a server database update today which closed the site for 2-3hrs early morning in the US and breakfast time to 11am in Kenya….it was necessary to increase the sites’ scope and ability for the future…

Over the last 24hrs we have opened up another site which is a (sort of) mirror site of this one but conveniently set out into categories and favourites, and also has a complete list of all of our articles.

In development also, is a new section on the Scribd site which is a simple downloadable version of this site in three sections ..if you want to keep a permanent record of all the things that go on in Kenya. see

Finally, remember that this site is now fully mobile enabled. We used the best software available from OBOX Software to make sure that your smartphone can read this site easily.

Over the last few months our Kenya and worldwide ratings on the internet have greatly improved, so much so, that all we can say is “Thank you very much” to all of our loyal and dedicated readers.

Thanks from the KenyaForum team.


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